When Should You Hire a Security Guard?

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Security Guard in Mall

Security guards can be an essential addition to any company or business’s safety and security plan. However, there are situations where it may not be readily apparent whether or not taking this action would be a beneficial investment. Security guards don’t just help prevent crime at locations having excessive amounts of cash or merchandise on-hand, but also provide patrol services for residential areas and areas that are vacant. Anyone pondering hiring security guards should consider a few key points that can make the answer clearer, a few of which we’ve provided in this article.

Location of the Business

One of the key factors is the location of the business or organization. If there is constant foot traffic in an area and a considerable crime percentage, many different businesses may want to consider hiring a security guard. For example, retail locations in larger towns and cities may have issues with shoplifting and robberies. Additionally, spaces housing valuable products or dangerous substances or components may genuinely benefit from extra security. This is because areas with a high level of foot traffic have easy access to entry and exit points, and individuals fleeing the scene of a crime can make a quick getaway. Having a security guard posted is more of a visual deterrent but may prevent someone from exiting the premises with stolen items or cash.

Another scenario in which hiring a security guard may be a wise decision is if the business or facility is in a remote location or an area without a law enforcement presence that regularly patrols the area. In many cases, industrial plants and research facilities are located in industrial areas or remote open spaces without a large population. It is in the company’s best interest to ensure they hire adequate security to prevent would-be criminals from planning to engage in illegal activities. These areas may also be a prime target for vandals and vagrants, and a security presence is a preventative measure for trespassers.

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Potential for Losses

A Security Guard Can Deter Damages

There are a few angles to consider when weighing the potential for losses. Whether it is a local family business or a large industrial operation, it is essential to understand the impact a breach of security, robbery, or vandalism can have on the business’s livelihood and the safety of others.

Security Guard in MallLarger companies with heavy equipment and expensive tools and supplies are at a high risk of burglarizing because thieves frequently target those types of items. Having a security guard in place will possibly prevent a potential criminal and help prevent a crime in progress and alert the local law enforcement simultaneously.

According to Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc’s security guard coordinator, smaller businesses may be more conflicted about spending the money necessary to hire a security guard. These businesses should consider their likelihood of being affected by crime and having had issues in the past. Additionally, some businesses must be be responsible for their wares if they pose a threat to the public. Some companies or private businesses that should consider hiring a security guard can include any store that sells weapons, jewelry stores, high-end retail stores, gas stations and bodegas in high-crime or urban areas, and any location selling controlled substances such as a pharmacy or dispensary.

Ultimately, some businesses must have security for legal reasons or risk management protocols. Still, other types, large and small, should consider weighing to pros and cons and making a decision that works best for their needs. Consulting with a security group may prove to be enlightening and can make the process easier.

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