Best Steps Following Texas Sex Crime Charges

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If you or a loved one were accused of a sex crime in Houston, it’s important to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Although defendants are supposed to enjoy the presumption of innocence, people accused of sex crimes are often scoffed at, and seen as guilty simply for being associated with such an offense. When situations like this occur, it’s best to seek out a qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as time allows.

Sexual Crimes & Texas’ Legal System

Aside from 1st and 2nd offense prostitution offenses, sex crimes are generally classified as felony offenses in the state of Texas. If convicted of a felony offense in the state of Texas, the criminal penalty or jail time can range from 2 years to a life sentence. The severity of the criminal classification of the offense and subsequent punishment is largely contingent on the nature of the crime, the nature of the victim, any aggravating factors involved with the case, and the criminal history of the accused party.

Accused of a Sex Crime in Texas?

A person charged with a sex crime will need to retain the best criminal defense lawyer that’s available to them. In short, the legal system, especially the criminal justice system, is complex. Managing a legal situation that involves such life-changing ramifications as a sex crime is best left in the hands of the experts.

Who’s the Best Sex Crimes Lawyer in Texas?

Well, that depends on which part of Texas your case is in. In Houston we recommend Bennett & Bennett, in El Paso and West Texas we recommend the Law Offices of Ruben Ortiz, in Dallas & Ft. Worth we recommend the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC. If you’re looking for a reputable criminal defense lawyer near you, we recommend taking your pick from the lawyers listed with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. You won’t be sorry!

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